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“Where my song is sung,
where there is hope,
where I see the me
that is yet to come.”

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Where dreams are born

“Take up the cause of the people… give us an idea of what it is to have a country.”

      Noli Me Tangere

He founded GAYYUM DI PAYO, a society of concerned individuals committed to help preserve the Ifugao Rice Terraces.
He has collected, tran-scribed, and translated to the national language the Tudbulul epic of the tribal T'boli people and continues to document many oral, musical and dance traditions of tribal peoples. Under his leadership and direction, KALOOB Philippine Music and Dance Ministry has researched, documented and presented on stage more than 80 previously unpublished folk dances.

If the Sino Ako? interstitials look rehearsed, well, they’re not. There were no scripts. No idiot board or teleprompter, no researcher on the set. Sitting in front of the camera was the heart of the series: the amazing mind of Ginoong Ed.

The Alagad ng Kulturang Pilipino is the founder and Artistic Director of KALOOB Philippine Music and Dance Ministry, one of the leading folk dance groups in the Philippines.

As a writer, creative director, producer, and broadcaster, his interests and advocacies focus on the preservation of cultural heritage. His fascination with Filipino culture spans more than three decades of study, research, teaching and staging of cultural productions in the Philippines, West Asia, Europe and America.


Writer, creative director, producer, broadcaster, alagad ng kulturang Pilipino.

Aside from teaching at the Institute for Culture and Arts Management of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, Ginoong Ed also speaks on culture, moral recovery and staff development at various institutions like the Command and General Staff College of the Philippine Army, the Department of Science and Technology, the Kapisanan ng mga Broadkasters ng Pilipinas (Association of Philippine Broadcasters), the Department of Tourism and many more non-government organizations, artistic, civic, and religious groups. His academic background includes studies in Mass Communication and Anthropology, a Bachelor's Decree in Philippine Arts and a Master's Degree in Philippine Studies, all from the University of the Philippines.

Profiles: Ginoong Ed

Now on its third series, ‘Sino Ako?’ is a very simple stab at helping Filipinos understand Filipino-ness -- quirks, warts, idiosyncracies, charm, peculiarities.

A common reaction to Ginoong Ed’s responses to questions like, “Bakit laging may naiiwan na piraso pag tayo ay kumakain?”, “Saan nag-uugat ang pagiging matapang ng mga Batangueño?” or “Bakit tayo nagmamano?” is palpable swelling of pride. The Filipino is an endearing and unique race.

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“Bakit... kabisado ni Ginoong Ed ang ugali ng Pilipino?”

1. Bakit nagmamano ang Pilipino?
2. Bakit marami tayong squatters?
3. Saan nag-ugat ang pagiging matapang ng mga Batangueño?
Click to read Ginoong Ed’s article “Why is the Filipino Special?”why_is_the_filipino_special_1.html
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Cultural Redemption: “We’d like for the church to be the sanctuary, 
not the cemetery of indigenous culture.”
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