“Where my song is sung,
where there is hope,
where I see the me
that is yet to come.”

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Where dreams are born

" Next to the love of God, the love of country is the best preventive of crime. "        George Borrow

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Chopsuey mini-programs


It’s a calendar of what's happening during the day and within the week – from events, important hearings in Congress, mall sales, rallies, gigs, concerts, exhibits, movies, to weather and many others. So make it a habit: “Checkmo Skedmo.” And if you need to have something announced to the public -- your reunion, school homecoming, etc., drop Skedmo a line!skedmo.html

Honest TV Shopping

In a world of scams and fakes, here's a breath of fresh air! HTVS isn't your typical home TV shopping program. It doesn't carry false claims or exaggerations, magical potions, breast enhancers, ad nauseam. The program showcases only high quality products and services, including health and beauty products, gadgets, home fixtures, and many others. 'Honest!'

Life Guide
A counseling program that will help you solve or manage your problems -- help you get past the difficult episodes quickly and smoothly. Whatever problem you have, call and ask for an appointment, the LifeGuides are there to help. The program is a very warm and inviting place where you can run to for comfort and guidance. lifeguide.html

Mall Diva

It's all about a shopping connoisseur going about a series of malls, discovering finds and hidden treasures. It is a 30-minute program for all mall announcements: what's showing, what's on sale, etc. It provides a light review of bargains, sales, products, events, etc. The Mall Diva is a mall expert. So don't go malling without checking with the Mall Diva.

Future Finder

Probably the worst thing to happen is finishing years of school to join the ranks of the unemployed. So finding jobs for you is part of our vision. The program provides the latest job offerings hot off the HR departments of top companies. We have recently redesigned it to focus on entry-level opportunities for fresh graduates and even for the out-of-school youth. Find your future with the Future Finder.

One Prayer

The UniversiTV Channel will start and end its daily programming with a prayer. The show will enjoin the youth to pray for the day-to-day issues of the country - poverty, the miserable state of the justice system, corruption in government, the poor condition of state universities - emphasizing the value and power of a petition when prayed by many.

A much-loved out-of-the-box program dedicated to the concerns and interests of students. Chopsuey is a 2-hour show flexible enough to feature informative, entertaining and exciting shorts about fashion, food, school concerns, etc. The sidebar on the right are the vignettes that compose Chopsuey today. And we’re coming up with more!chopsuey.html

U-Minute: One minute of fame! Each student will be given one minute to showcase their talent – sing, dance, paint, act, etc

Tutor TV: It’s your helpdesk. The resident ‘sir’ will give tips and quick tutorials. Soon: a panel of tutors will be available to answer your calls live.

Who’s Cool: Not just known campus jocks, crushes or idols, but also those who serve as an inspiration to their peers.

Sino Ako?
The very popular interstitials answer questions about our identity as Filipinos: why do we leave the last piece when we eat? Why do we walk to a burial? Why do we say “tao po” when we want to enter a house? Ginoong Ed, a guru in Filipino culture, answers.ginoong_ed.html


Soon to break: Answers from Above

Do miracles really happen? Answers from Above is a docu-drama that will showcase God's work in the lives of people. Personal experiences of miracles will be narrated with testimonials from friends, doctors, and scientists.

Upcoming Programs

Comments and suggestions about UniversiTV programming?

Write to Estima Content, Republic Glass Bldg., Aguirre St., Legaspi Village, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines or email to universitv@estimacontent.com or send an SMS message to

Indie Sikat: To give budding film makers a chance to share their work, the program will air students' documentaries and short films.

Stories about students gone bad -- and how they made it back from the brink. Donita Rose, a U-turned celebrity, will host this program. Watch big names tell you about the dark episodes in the lives and how managed to free themselves from the clutches of the dark side and go on to live successful lives.u-turn.html

Postcards from the World: Short videos by the best of the world about the latest, the intriguing, and the fascinating in their countries.

Re-Porma: A style expert gives students makeovers, using stuff in his closet, and will help him make do with what he has to improve the his looks.

Channel Choice: It's music videos we adore -- and no less. Whatever the genre, if it's musically great, it's on UniversiTV. Oh, with a slight bias for locals.

Quickest Fingers An on-air contest to find the fastest thumbs in the texting capital of the world. Watch for it.


Kabataan News Network

Trained by the Probe Media Foundation and equipped by the UNICEF, 160 student-correspondents in 11 bureaus nationwide produce a television program about issues that affect them and what they feel strongly about. No topic is too small or too big for the KNN reporter. Celebrating debuts and public display of affection are just as important as child labor and HIV/AIDS.

160 student-correspondents nationwide

A camera and a microphone and the issues of the day -- in the hands of the young and the bright. Governments know and shudder: this is a powerful combination. Welcome KNN. Raw, spontaneous, fresh, radical. The only show on television written, shot and produced by students. Equipped by the UNICEF, trained by Probe. But their aches, their issues, their stories. Now airing on UniversiTV. 6:30 M-F. Catch it.

“Now you listen to us”

Next best thing to being there.

believes that
there is no
education quite
like travel.

And if you can’t
travel, we’re bringing in what’s second best.

We have gained access to the latest and the best documentaries -- in-depth examinations of the cultures and civilizations of great countries.

New Future Finder Feature!

Whoa! This is huge!

Why send out printed resumes when you can have your CV on TV? It tells bosses more about you than a picture and words on paper. So prepare your act, dress your best, and perform. We’ll tape it, we’ll air it. And we’ve arranged for employers and job agents to watch.

Bring friends -- your whole class even, call for an appointment with the CV on TV crew.

or 892-9557

It’s your CV on TV!

Must check this out!

Weekly tell-all TV program

Reveals dark episodes and secrets of successful people.
Click for a preview of this week’s U-Turn story.u-turn.html

What's Your Cause?

You've always wanted to tell the world what you want to do or what you wish for. Well, here it is: a program where students with causes and advocacies are given the time to espouse and discuss them in public and all over the country.